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Quality Concrete Colour Stains and Treatments



Quality Concrete Stains, Treatments and Concrete Sealers
Full On-Site Service & DIY Options | We Supply and Support NZ Wide

NewLook New Zealand offers a full solution service for all your concrete colour stains, concrete sealers, cleaners and treatments.  For all your decorative coloured concrete requirements we offer a range quality products.

Our products and services include:

Full on-site service, for both residential and commercial customers, by our experienced team of concrete technicians.

Our team of technicians service and support customers throughout New Zealand, and we undertake both small and larger sized projects.

From our main office, we can guide and advise on the best treatment approach and products to meet your particular project requirements. This advisory approach is highly appreciated for those wishing to do a DIY approach to enhance their concrete.

We offer the option of purchasing ‘product only’, and we are happy to advise on the most suitable for your situation, but also provide the full on-site service. With the full service our concrete technicians will turn up on site, and in general, over a two-day period complete the full concrete staining and sealer requirements.

All our high-quality, NewLook products, are eco-friendly, water-based, plant friendly and non acidic. What’s more, for all our concrete stains applied by our concrete technicians, we provide a 10-year stain guarantee. This guarantee covers that the stain will not peel or flake, if following our standard care programme.

Our Range of Services | Full On-Site Service

Concrete Cleaners

For aged concrete with numerous marks, dirt, car oil spill, or ingrained stains, we commence the project with our high-quality, non-abrasive, concrete surface friendly cleaner and water blaster.  Our cleaner is applied to ensure the concrete surface is correctly prepped for your chosen concrete stain.  Sometimes, we also recommend a concrete cleaner treatment if it is very new concrete with a slippery surface.

Concrete Stains

Following the concrete cleaning process, or for reasonably clean concrete, we proceed with applying the concrete stain of your choice.  We offer an extensive range of colour stains and have the option of using our Solid Stain or Smart Colour product.  With our Solid Stain, it is a full-strength colour.  Our Smart Colour solution, is very popular by many, and is simply mixed and diluted with water.

Concrete Sealers

Once the concrete stain has been applied, the final step to protect the colour from UV damage and provide an additional protective coating, is to apply a concrete sealer.  We have a range of sealers, and we will recommend the most appropriate product for your specific requirements.  Once the sealer has been applied, your surface is walkable in around 4 hours.  Cars can park on it approximately 5 to 7 days later.

DIY Approach | Product Supply and Customer Support

Depending on your budget, requirements and size of project, you may be wishing to do a DIY solution.  We offer comprehensive support with this approach, and we can advise and guide you our products that are most suitable for your project.

Our DIY service includes:    

  • Phone call support to discuss your project and understand any issues you are addressing.
  • Guidance on the most suitable products to use, along with the preparatory process to follow, to ensure best results.
  • Prompt supply and dispatch of your required concrete cleaning, stain, and sealer products to your address.  All products are dispatched from our NZ based warehouse situated in Auckland.  This enables us to provide a prompt and reliable delivery service.
  • On call support as you progress through your DIY project, if you strike unexpected circumstances or issues.  
  • Advice for post care treatment, including our recommended high quality biodegradable concrete cleaner.  For best results, and long-term presentation, we recommend you apply our concrete cleaner on a monthly basis.

Concrete Stains, Sealers & Treatments | Commercial and Residential Use

Products & Services | Both Residential & Commercial

Our range of services for both residential and commercial properties include:

  • Concrete cleaning - if required 
  • Concrete stains - see our Solid Stain and SmartColour™ products
  • Concrete sealers - we will advise the most appropriate sealer for your particular project, location and home/business requirements
  • Concrete waterproofing – of concrete floors and walls
  • Exterior Bricks - colour enhancing / changing.  Whether this is for improving the appearance of your brick fence, or to do a full exterior brick cladding colour change out
  • Concrete waterproofing – of concrete floors and walls
  • Efflorescence - treatment and removal

Additional Products & Services for the Commercial Sector

In addition to our main products and services, we provide some additional specialist treatments that are more used by the commercial sector.  These include:

  • Precast concrete repair and colour treatments
  • Concrete surface graffiti protection
  • Concrete burnishing
  • Dust proofing 

NewLook's concrete colour stains have been developed to enhance or address a range of concrete colour problems.  This includes including aged, discoloured, blotchy or stained concrete, wrong colours, failed acid-stain, and much more.

NewLook’s coloured concrete products gives your concrete surfaces a stunning finish that will last a long time!