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How to Stain Concrete Floors - NewLook SmartColor on Garage Floor

Products used in this Video:

This video tutorial demonstrates the simple process of how to install NewLook's ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, a water-based penetrating concrete stain.

Once it's mixed properly and thoroughly you should re-broom as the material dries on the surface--very important.

During application you must follow the second commandment and always keep the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain mixed from the bottom to the top. Do this by stirring the stain with an agitating motion such as a washing machine would. Make sure all the pigment is mixed and not in the applicator.

Stain the joints and edges with a bristle brush. Remember to stir the stain with the bristle brush. Notice how you start to stain before you reach the edge. This allows you to not have large amounts of stain along the edge.

After agitating the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, spread it on the concrete. Don't apply too much pressure, rather let the applicator do the work. Spread the stain as far as it can go. Spread the stain evenly with circular strokes. A little goes a long way.

As a tip, try to stain in squares to achieve maximum coverage. Also, you do not need to keep a wet edge when installing the ORIGINAL Solid Color stain.

Stretch the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain as far as it goes. less is better.

Once the product begins to dry (usually within minutes) it will look somewhat blotchy. You'll need to follow the 3rd commandment and re-broom as it dries. Do this with the same applicator. Make sure the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain is only slightly moist.